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Acoustic electric vintage

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Acoustic electric vintage
Acoustic electric vintage
Acoustic electric vintage

An acoustic-electric guitar also called an electro-acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar fitted with a magnetic pickupa piezoelectric pickup or a microphone. In electric-acoustic nylon string guitarspiezoelectric pickups and microphones are always used because magnetic pickups are not capable of picking up vibrations of non-magnetic materials. The design is distinct from a semi-acoustic guitarwhich is an electric guitar but with the addition of sound chambers within the guitar body. Usually, acoustic-electric guitars are fitted with piezoelectric pickups, and hence require a preamplifier incorporated into the guitar body to amplify the signal before it travels to the main acoustic electric vintage amplifier. These preamps may also come with tone acoustic electric vintage of varying types, but usually equalizers with up to six frequency bands are used.
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Acoustic electric vintage
Acoustic electric vintage
Acoustic electric vintage

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